14 reasons why video is the biggest selling tool in business for 2018

With the popularity and effectiveness of video skyrocketing, Cleveland video marketing company BVS Film Productions wanted to share with you the top 14 reasons why video is the biggest selling tool in business for 2018. Feel free to read, comment and contact us here or here if you would like to find out more info.

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“It’s not my department” is ALWAYS your department as a professional sales professional

Have you ever received an email from a salesperson after inquiring about a product or service on line that reads as follows: “Thanks for the inquiry and interest. However, that’s not my department. Please call or email here to get to the right person. Thanks and have a great day!” Just remember It’s not my department is always your department as a professional sales person.

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BVS Film Productions offers a special discount video package

Cleveland video production company BVS Film Productions is offering a new discount video mobile package from BVS Film Productions for businesses and individuals looking to shoot professional video on their mobile device or mobile phone. As an introductory offer, BVS Film Productions would like to offer this all-inclusive mobile phone video production package for the special price of $299. When you order, we will send you everything you need to capture professional footage with your own smartphone or mobile device as well as the one-on-one help to get there!

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