Interviewing Santa But With Mixed Emotions

BVS Film Productions was interviewing Santa but with mixed emotions this week. And for good reason. The Rotary Club of Cleveland had asked if we could help out by donating some time to shoot and develop a series of videos of the man himself and his special cause at...

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What is a virtual tradeshow?

With all the restricted ways we now must communicate, you may be asking yourself; What is a virtual tradeshow? Well, Wikipedia’s definition is as follows: “A virtual tradeshow is a type of virtual event run in an online environment, that is hosted online for a limited...

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Video marketing and video selling. What’s the difference?

Moving into the new year, what’s the difference between video marketing and video selling? I know at first glance they seem to be the same thing. However, if you look closer, marketing with videos and selling with videos are two very difference things. One pulls you in and one reaches out to you. Video marketing is the process of sending out video via social media and SEO which draws your prospects to you.

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