Techniques to discover a budget from a prospect

Here are some techniques to discover a budget from a prospect. Have you ever had a conversation with a prospect online that felt reluctant to let you know what their budget was for a project? It happens more than not. Right?

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BVS Film Productions interviews Joel Weldon

While in Arizona shooting for the new documentary about legendary sales guru Tom Hopkins, BVS Film Productions interviews Joel Weldon international hall of fame motivational speaker. "Joel and Tom have known each other for many years and Joel gave a wonderful...

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BVS Interviews Sharon Lechter

BVS Film Productions interviews Sharon Lechter at her mansion in Arizona about her longstanding friendship with selling guru Tom Hopkins for his documentary.

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How to use videos as a silent closer

In this blog, we will show you how to use videos as a silent closer. "We can’t tell you how many times we have closed a corporate sale here at BVS Film Productions without ever meeting or even speaking to...

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A quick way to make your first book a best seller

    In the world of publishing, having "Best Selling Author" in your title can help your credibility, portray you as an expert in your field and really help to launch you into a new career you may not have considered. Some may think achieving best seller...

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