BVS Gives Back To Those In Need

Have you ever stopped at an intersection and seen a homeless person with a sign asking for money? Your heart goes out to them and you probably feel compelled to help. But if you’re like most people, you may stop yourself before handing them money, considering whether...

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How to Maximize Your Company’s Impact at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are a fantastic way for businesses to showcase their latest products and services to a large group of people—with plenty of opportunity for new business partnerships and sales. However, participating in a trade show can be a huge investment. Exhibits are...

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7 YouTube Marketing Strategies That Are Working In 2019

So, you started to develop videos for yourself and your company and now you need to know what to do with them. Many people and companies spend the time to create fantastic videos but never put any thought into how to market them. Then after a few months of putting them up on YouTube, they are wondering why they only have 10 visits and no likes. With that, they become discouraged and think it was a waste of time or that video just doesn’t work. As with anything else in advertising, you need to have a strategy, good tools and persistency and patience to get the job done. With that, below you will find 7 YouTube marketing strategies that are working in 2019 to get your YouTube videos ranking and noticed by your target audience.

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Techniques to discover a budget from a prospect

Here are some techniques to discover a budget from a prospect. Have you ever had a conversation with a prospect online that felt reluctant to let you know what their budget was for a project? It happens more than not. Right?

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